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Adrián Jesús Falcón was born in 1972 in Del Rio, Texas.  Committed to promote and support the Art, he also owns and manages The Falcon Art Gallery Texas in Del Rio, Texas, founder of the Centro de Arte Falcón México and the Falcon Art Center Foundation. 

Falcon has exhibited in major cities in Europe and throughout the United States and Mexico. Including El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, TX, Mexico, El Museo de la Cultura Hñahñu, Hidalgo, Mexico, Poleart 13 Gallery, Paris, France, The Spirit of Art, Trevisan Arte, Ferrara, Italy, Montserrat Gallery, New York, NY, Dillard University, New Orleans, LA, Assunta Fox Gallery, Santa Ana, CA. His work has appeared in publications such as ARTnews Magazine, Art Austin Review, El Paso Times, University of Texas Austin, Zocalo Mexico, Arte News Publication Magazine, New York, Spain, London.

As an artist, his color sensitivity is grounded on the observation of indigenous cultures where exaltation of vivid colors such as red, green and yellow is one of their major features; but it also seeks to unveil how these colors impact on our perception, to evoke the dynamism and the energy of life.

Resorting to confluent lines and colors to engrave simple and multifaceted shapes, he sculpts the space, creating an orchestrated swirling effect, driving the gazer to plunge into such a compelling and vibrating cosmos towards infinity. One of his best attributes is his creative sense of lines; through the interwoven play of their densities and their prismatic intersections, leading to the multiplication of the imaginary space, he is capable of giving life to the two-dimensional surface of a canvas, to make it become a three and almost four- dimensional world.

Falcón appreciates the fact that his art has provided him a comfortable living and has established Arte Centres in Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo, Mexico, where he teaches art to indigenous children. He has worked with hundreds of children throughout Mexico, as they’ve painted murals in bilingual schools.

“Often, this art is the only bright thing at a very poor school. Not only do I teach the young artist about art and how to create it, I impact this school and many more children as they come to school and have a beautiful piece of art to look at,” Falcon said. “I think it helps open their minds for knowledge.”

Falcon is represented by the following galleries-

Anarte Gallery ,San Antonio, Texas

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