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Falcon Art Gallery Texas Cultural Exchange Programs build cross-cultural understanding through exchanges and partnerships in the arts. We connect individuals, institutions, and communities from around the world through our programs.

Our international cultural exchange programs provide the perfect opportunity to learn about different cultures and traditions. You’ll experience a completely different way of life first-hand, as you live and work in the heart of some of the most fascinating cultures in the world. With our diverse selection of cultural exchange ARTS / INDIGENOUS LANGUAGE projects, there’s sure to be a project for you!

You’ll also become part of our global network of artist volunteers. You’ll build international connections, learn about artist volunteers from around the world, and make lifelong friends.

Join one of our cultural exchange programs and broaden your perspective of the world. You’ll go home with a renewed outlook on life and a richer knowledge of people and places you might never have heard of before.

Our international cultural exchange programs are a chance for a completely unique experience.

Mural- Yucatan, Mexico (2019)
Yucatan, Mexico. Mural (2019)

Stories from our cultural exchange students
Falcon Art Gallery Texas and Centro de Arte Falcón México

Commemorating Mother Language Day Presentation: LINGUISTIC DIVERSITY IN MEXICO by Hñahñu indigenous artist Diana Lizbeth Zuñiga Hernandez, event at the Val Verde County Public Library, Del Rio, Texas on February 25, 2022. Invitation from the Consulate from Mexico in Del Rio Texas, E,UA

Mural. Tasquillo, Hidalgo, Mexico. (2019)

Luis Guzmán Torres High School, Tasquillo, Hidalgo, Mexico. 

Mural: '' Superación-Overcoming-Nt'examfädi '

Student: Sofia Sanjuan de la Cruz


Mural Hidalgo, Mexico (2018)

Ignacio Zaragoza Bilingual Primary School, Cerro Azul, Alfajayucan, Hidalgo, Mexico

Mural: Reunion- Hmunts´i

Teacher: Diogenes Lozeno Torres


Four culture mural 2017 21 x 6 feet. Mural Del Rio Texas

Val Verde Regional Medical Center, Del Rio, Texas

Mural: 4 Cultures

Made by 7 American children and 7 indigenous children from the state of Hidalgo, Mexico


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